AppointmentMethodType enumeration

Defines the iCalendar object method type associated with the calendar object.

public enum AppointmentMethodType


Name Value Description
None 0 Method is not defined.
Publish 1 Post notification of an event. Used primarily as a method of advertising the existence of an event.
Request 2 Make a request for an event. This is an explicit invitation to one or more “Attendees”.
Reply 3 Reply to an event request.
Add 4 Add one or more instances to an existing event.
Cancel 5 Cancel one or more instances of an existing event.
Refresh 6 A request is sent to an “Organizer” by an “Attendee” asking for the latest version of an event to be resent to the requester.
Counter 7 Counter a REQUEST with an alternative proposal, Sent by an “Attendee” to the “Organizer”.
DeclineCounter 8 Decline a counter proposal. Sent to an “Attendee” by the “Organizer”.

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