ResolveRecipientsOptions.Availability property

Indicates to the server that free/busy data is being requested by the client and identifies the start time and end time of the free/busy data to retrieve. When the Availability is included in a ResolveRecipients request, the server retrieves free/busy information for the users identified in the To elements included in the request, and returns the free/busy information in the MergedFreeBusy in the response. If the Availability element is included in the ResolveRecipients request, the request MUST also include a valid StartTime value and EndTime value. When the server parses the request, the server first resolves the recipients identified by the To elements, and then determines the users free/busy information for the specified time span, before returning the free/busy data in the MergedFreeBusy.

public ResolveRecipientsAvailabilityRequest Availability { get; set; }

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