RightsManagementLicense.ExportAllowed property

Specifies whether the IRM protection on the e-mail message can be removed by the user. The value is TRUE if the user can remove the IRM protection when the user forwards, replies, or replies all to the e-mail message; otherwise, FALSE. If a rights-managed email message is forwarded or replied to using the SmartForward or SmartReply command, the following conditions are evaluated: - The original rights policy template has the ExportAllowed element set to TRUE - The TemplateID on the new message is set to the “No Restriction” template (TemplateID value “00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000”) If both of the conditions are true, the IRM protection is removed from the outgoing message. The original message retains its IRM protection.

public bool ExportAllowed { get; set; }

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