SearchOptions.RebuildResults property

Forces the server to rebuild the search folder (2) that corresponds to a given query. The search results (that is, the result set) are stored in a search folder on the server. This way, when a client comes back with the same query but a new row range, rows are pulled from the result set that is currently stored in the search folder. The entire result set does not have to be rebuilt. The search folder remains unchanged until the client does one of the following to update the result set: - Sends a Search request, specifying a new query. In this case, the search folder is automatically rebuilt. The RebuildResults node does not have to be included. - Sends a Search request that includes the RebuildResults node. In this case, the server is forced to rebuild the search folder. If a new item is added, the item does not appear in the result set until the result set is updated. If an item is deleted, the server will filter the deleted item out of the result set. The client SHOULD send a new Search request with the given query and include the RebuildResults option every few days to ensure accurate results for that query.

public bool RebuildResults { get; set; }

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