Class MailTips

MailTips class

Represents values for the Mail Tips

public sealed class MailTips


CustomMailTip { get; }Gets a custom mail tip.
DeliveryRestricted { get; }Gets a value indicating whether delivery restrictions will prevent the sender’s message from reaching the recipient.
ExternalMemberCnt { get; }Gets the number of external members in a group.
InvalidRecipient { get; }Gets a value indicating whether the recipient is invalid.
IsDeliveryRestrictedSpecified { get; }Gets a value indicating whether DeliveryRestricted is specified
IsInvalidRecipientSpecified { get; }Gets a value indicating whether InvalidRecipient is specified
IsMailboxFullSpecified { get; }Gets a value indicating whether the MailboxFull is specified
IsModerated { get; }Gets a value indicating whether the recipient’s mailbox is being moderated.
IsModeratedSpecified { get; }Gets a value indicating whether the IsModerated is specified
MailboxFull { get; }Gets a value indicating whether the mailbox for the recipient is full.
MaxMsgSize { get; }Gets the maximum message size the recipient can accept
OutOfOffice { get; }Gets the response message for OOF and the duration for sending this message.
PendingMailTips { get; }Gets a value indicating whether the mail tips in this element could not be evaluated before the server’s processing timeout expired.
RecipientAddress { get; }Gets the mailbox of the recipient.
TotalMemberCnt { get; }Gets the total number of members in a group.

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