MailTipsType enumeration

Enumerates the types of mail tips

public enum MailTipsType


Name Value Description
All 1 Represents all available mail tips.
OutOfOfficeMessage 2 Represents the Out of Office (OOF) message.
MailboxFullStatus 4 Represents the status for a mailbox that is full.
CustomMailTip 8 Represents a custom mail tip.
ExternalMemberCount 10 Represents the count of external members.
TotalMemberCount 20 Represents the count of all members.
MaxMessageSize 40 Represents the maximum message size a recipient can accept.
DeliveryRestriction 80 Indicates whether delivery restrictions will prevent the sender’s message from reaching the recipient.
ModerationStatus 100 Indicates whether the sender’s message will be reviewed by a moderator.
InvalidRecipient 200 Indicates whether the recipient is invalid.
Scope 400

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