Class MessageTrackingReportInfo

MessageTrackingReportInfo class

Represents an information about the message that was found by using the FindMessageTrackingReport

public sealed class MessageTrackingReportInfo


MessageTrackingReportId { get; }Gets the value specifying message by its message-id, the organization where the message was found, the server on which the message was submitted, and an internal ID that uniquely identifies the message.
PreviousHopServer { get; }Gets the previous server name, when available, that submitted the message.
Recipients { get; }Gets the e-mail addresses of the recipients for the message that was found.
Sender { get; }Gets the e-mail address of the sender for the message that was found.
Subject { get; }Gets the subject of the message that was found.
SubmittedTime { get; }Gets the time that the message entered the server.

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