Class RecipientTrackingEvent

RecipientTrackingEvent class

Represents details for a specific event in the tracking report.

public sealed class RecipientTrackingEvent


BccRecipient { get; }Gets a value indicating whether the recipient was addressed as a blind carbon copy (BCC) recipient.
Date { get; }Gets the time at which the event occurred.
DeliveryStatus { get; }Gets the status for the message.
EventData { get; }Gets data that is associated with the processing step for the event.
EventDescription { get; }Gets the processing step for the event
HiddenRecipient { get; }Gets a value indicating whether the recipient was added by an organization policy that should be hidden from unprivileged users
InternalIdentifier { get; }Gets an integer value for the event.
Recipient { get; }Gets the recipient for whom the event occurred.
Server { get; }Gets the physical server where the event occurred.
UniquePathId { get; }Gets a string that is different for each path.

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