Enum AutodiscoverErrorCode

AutodiscoverErrorCode enumeration

Defines the error codes that can be returned by the Autodiscover service.

public enum AutodiscoverErrorCode


NoError0There was no Error.
RedirectAddress1The caller must follow the e-mail address redirection that was returned by Autodiscover.
RedirectUrl2The caller must follow the URL redirection that was returned by Autodiscover.
InvalidUser3The user that was passed in the request is invalid.
InvalidRequest4The request is invalid.
InvalidSetting5A specified setting is invalid.
SettingIsNotAvailable6A specified setting is not available.
ServerBusy7The server is too busy to process the request.
InvalidDomain8The requested domain is not valid.
NotFederated9The organization is not federated.
InternalServerError10Internal server error.

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