ExchangeFolderInfo class

Provides information about an MS Exchange folder.

public class ExchangeFolderInfo


Name Description
ExchangeFolderInfo() Initializes a new instance of the ExchangeFolderInfo class


Name Description
ChildFolderCount { get; } Count of child folders
DisplayName { get; } Display name of folder
FolderClass { get; } Gets the folder class for a given folder.
FolderType { get; } Gets the folder type for a given folder.
Hidden { get; } Gets value which indicates if folder is hidden
ParentUri { get; } Parent folder uri
Size { get; } Contains the size, in bytes, consumed by the Message object on the server.
TotalCount { get; } Gets the total count of items.
UnreadCount { get; } Gets the count of unread items.
Uri { get; } Folder Uri


Name Description
override ToString() Returns a String which represents the object instance.

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