Class ExchangeMailboxInfo

ExchangeMailboxInfo class

Represents the mail box information of an exchange server.

public abstract class ExchangeMailboxInfo


abstract CalendarUri { get; set; }Gets the calendar uri.
abstract ContactsUri { get; set; }Gets the contracts uri.
abstract DeletedItemsUri { get; set; }Gets the deleted items uri.
abstract DraftsUri { get; set; }Gets the drafts uri.
abstract InboxUri { get; set; }Gets the inbox uri.
abstract JournalUri { get; set; }Gets the journal uri.
abstract JunkeMailsUri { get; set; }Gets or sets the junke mails uri.
virtual MailboxUri { get; set; }Gets the mailbox uri.
abstract NotesUri { get; set; }Gets the notes uri.
abstract OutboxUri { get; set; }Gets the outbox uri.
abstract RootUri { get; set; }Gets the root uri.
abstract SentItemsUri { get; set; }Gets the sent items uri.
abstract SubmissionUri { get; set; }Gets the submission uri.
abstract TasksUri { get; set; }Gets the tasks uri.

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