GetUserSettingsResponse class

Represents the response to a GetUsersSettings call for an individual user.

public sealed class GetUserSettingsResponse : AutodiscoverResponse


Name Description
GetUserSettingsResponse() Initializes a new instance of the GetUserSettingsResponse class.


Name Description
ErrorCode { get; } Gets the error code that was returned by the service.
ErrorMessage { get; } Gets the error message that was returned by the service.
RedirectTarget { get; } Gets the redirectionTarget (URL or email address)
Settings { get; } Gets the requested settings for the user.
SmtpAddress { get; } Gets the SMTP address this response applies to.
UserSettingErrors { get; } Gets error information for settings that could not be returned.


Name Description
TryGetSettingValue<T>(UserSettingName, out T) Tries the get the user setting value.

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