The Aspose.Email.Clients.Graph namespace provides classes for access to access to Microsoft 365 services by using REST API.


BaseRestObjectRepresents functionality for base object.
Bucket The plannerBucket resource represents a bucket (or “custom column”) for tasks in a plan in Office 365. It is contained in a plannerPlan and can have a collection of plannerTasks.
ClassificationOverrideRepresents a user’s override for how incoming messages from a specific sender should always be classified as.
FolderInfoRepresents information about personal folder.
FolderInfoCollectionRepresents collection of GraphFolderInfo.
GraphClientProvides access to MS Exchange Server (Office365) by using REST API.
GraphMessagePageInfoContains information about retrieved page when paging methods are used.
GraphQueryBuilderRepresents the builder of search expression based on search filters that used by MS Graph protocol.
Identity The Identity resource represents an identity of an actor. For example, an actor can be a user, device, or application.
IdentitySet The IdentitySet resource is a keyed collection of identity resources. It is used to represent a set of identities associated with various events for an item, such as created by or last modified by.
KnownFoldersWell-known folders
MessageInfoThe MessageInfo represents the server item info fetched from the Graph service.
MessageInfoCollectionRepresents collection of GraphMessageInfo.
Notebook A OneNote notebook.
NotebookCollectionRepresents collection of Notebook.
NotebookLinks Links for opening a OneNote notebook.
OnenoteOperationThe status of certain long-running OneNote operations.
OutlookCategoryRepresents a category by which a user can group Outlook items such as messages and events. The user defines categories in a master list, and can apply one or more of these user-defined categories to an item.
Thumbnail The thumbnail resource type represents a thumbnail for an image, video, document, or any item that has a bitmap representation.
ThumbnailSet The ThumbnailSet resource is a keyed collection of thumbnail resources. It is used to represent a set of thumbnails associated with a DriveItem.
UpdateSettingsUpdate settings


IGraphClientRepresents the interface for Exchange REST client.


CategoryPresetA pre-set color enumeration that characterizes a categories, and that is mapped to one of 25 predefined colors. Note The possible values for color are pre-set constants such as None, preset0 and preset1. Each pre-set constant is further mapped to a color; the actual color is dependent on the Outlook client that the categories are being displayed in.
ClassificationType Specifies how incoming messages from a specific sender should always be classified as.
ResourceTypeThe resource in Microsoft Graph that you’re referencing.
UserRoleOneNote user role