IGraphClient.CopyNotebook method

Copies a notebook to the Notebooks folder in the destination Documents library. The folder is created if it doesn’t exist. For Copy operations, you follow an asynchronous calling pattern: First call the Copy action, and then poll the operation endpoint for the result. Permissions One of the following permissions is required to call this API. Delegated(work or school account) Notes.Create, Notes.ReadWrite, Notes.ReadWrite.All Delegated(personal Microsoft account) Notes.Create, Notes.ReadWrite Application Notes.ReadWrite.All

public string CopyNotebook(string itemId, string groupId, string renameAs)
Parameter Type Description
itemId String Item id to be copied
groupId String The id of the group to copy to. Use only when copying to an Office 365 group.
renameAs String The name of the copy. Defaults to the name of the existing item.

Return Value

If successful, this method returns an Operation-Location string. You may use this value to get the status of the operation.

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