ImapClient.ResumeMonitoringAsync method

Resumes monitoring of message changes for specified folder. Unlike the StartMonitoring method, it will find all missing mailbox changes and call the callback for them.

public Task ResumeMonitoringAsync(ImapMonitoringEventHandler callback, 
    ImapMonitoringErrorEventHandler errorCallback, IImapMonitoringState monitoringState, 
    CancellationToken token = default)
callbackImapMonitoringEventHandlerThe callback function for monitoring operation.
errorCallbackImapMonitoringErrorEventHandlerThe callback function for monitoring error handling. Monitoring of specified folder is stopped when this callback is called. The callback also provides a state holder so folder monitoring could be resumed using ResumeMonitoringAsync method.
monitoringStateIImapMonitoringStateThe monitoring state to resume folder monitoring from. Can be retrieved from MonitoringState.
tokenCancellationTokenThe cancellation token

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