Class HttpProxy

HttpProxy class

HTTP proxy client.

public class HttpProxy : Proxy, IWebProxy


HttpProxy(string, int)Initializes a new instance of the HttpProxy class to connect to proxy server without authentication.
HttpProxy(string, int, string, string)Initializes a new instance of the HttpProxy class to connect to proxy server with defined username and password.


Address { get; set; }The domain name or IP address of the proxy server
Credentials { get; set; }The credentials to submit to the proxy server for authentication.
Password { get; set; }Password for proxy authentication
Port { get; set; }The port number for the proxy server
SupportedAuthenticationMethods { get; set; }The supported authentication methods to connect to HTTP proxy
Username { get; set; }Username for proxy authentication


virtual Dispose()Disposes this instance and requests that the underlying TCP connection be closed.
virtual GetProxy(Uri)Returns the URI of a proxy.
GetStream(string, int)Returns configured network stream to transport data to the required host through the proxy server.
virtual IsBypassed(Uri)Indicates that the proxy should not be used for the specified host.
override SetUpStream(Stream, string, int)Configures proxy-server to transport data to the target host.

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