Class TokenProvider

TokenProvider class

Class TokenProvider allows to retrieve access token for mail services.

public class TokenProvider : ITokenProvider


virtual ClientId { get; }The client ID obtained during application registration.
virtual ClientSecret { get; }The client secret obtained during application registration.
virtual ExtraParameters { get; }Gets extra parameters for request
virtual Login { get; set; }Gets or sets login for basic authorization
virtual Password { get; set; }Gets or sets password for basic authorization
virtual RefreshToken { get; }OAuth 2.0 refresh token
virtual RequestUrl { get; }The url to obtain access token.
virtual UseBasicAuthorization { get; set; }Gets or sets value which indicates whether basic authorization is used


static GetInstance(string, string, string, string)Gets an instance of the OutlookTokenProvider for defined parameters.
virtual Dispose()Performs releasing resources.
virtual GetAccessToken()Gets oAuth access token. If token exists and its expiration date is not expired returns current token, otherwise requests new token from a server.
virtual GetAccessToken(bool)Gets oAuth access token.

Other Members

static class GoogleProvides an instance of the TokenProvider for Google mail server
static class OutlookProvides an instance of the TokenProvider for Outlook mail server

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