Class FollowUpManager

FollowUpManager class

Provides the ability to set and handle follow-up Outlook flags and categories. Supports the features to add and remove a flag in MapiMessage, and mark it as completed as well.

public static class FollowUpManager


static AddCategory(MapiMessageItemBase, string)Adds the category for a message.
static AddVotingButton(MapiMessageItemBase, string)Adds the voting button.
static ClearCategories(MapiMessageItemBase)Clears the categories.
static ClearFlag(MapiMessageItemBase)Clears the follow-up flag and reminder.
static ClearVotingButtons(MapiMessageItemBase)Deletes the voting buttons.
static GetCategories(MapiMessageItemBase)Get the available message categories.
static GetOptions(MapiMessageItemBase)Gets the follow-up options of a message.
static GetVotingButtons(MapiMessageItemBase)Get the available message voting buttons.
static MarkAsCompleted(MapiMessageItemBase)Marks the flagged message as completed.
static RemoveCategory(MapiMessageItemBase, string)Removes the category.
static RemoveVotingButton(MapiMessageItemBase, string)Removes the voting button.
static SetFlag(MapiMessageItemBase, string)Sets the follow-up flag for a message.
static SetFlag(MapiMessageItemBase, string, DateTime, DateTime)Sets the follow-up flag for a message.
static SetFlagForRecipients(MapiMessageItemBase, string)Sets the flag for a draft message to remind recipients to follow-up.
static SetFlagForRecipients(MapiMessageItemBase, string, DateTime)Sets the flag for a draft message to remind recipients to follow-up.
static SetOptions(MapiMessageItemBase, FollowUpOptions)Sets the additional follow-up options for a message.

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