Class MapiContactPersonalInfoPropertySet

MapiContactPersonalInfoPropertySet class

Specify other additional contact information

public sealed class MapiContactPersonalInfoPropertySet : MapiContactPropertySet


MapiContactPersonalInfoPropertySet()Initializes a new instance of the MapiContactPersonalInfoPropertySet class
MapiContactPersonalInfoPropertySet(MapiPropertyCollection)Initializes a new instance of the MapiContactPersonalInfoPropertySet class


Account { get; set; }Specifies the account name of the contact
BusinessHomePage { get; set; }Specifies the contact’s business web page URL
Children { get; set; }Contains a list of names of children.
ComputerNetworkName { get; set; }Specifies the name of the network to which the contact’s computer is connected
CustomerId { get; set; }Specifies the contact’s customer ID number
FreeBusyLocation { get; set; }Specifies a URL path from which a client can retrieve free/busy information for the contact as an iCal file
FtpSite { get; set; }Specifies the contact’s File Transfer Protocol (FTP) URL
Gender { get; set; }Specifies the gender of the contact
GovernmentIdNumber { get; set; }Specifies the contact’s government ID number
Hobbies { get; set; }Specifies the hobbies of the contact
Html { get; set; }Specifies the contact’s business web page URL
InstantMessagingAddress { get; set; }Specifies the contact’s instant messaging address
Language { get; set; }Specifies the language that the contact uses
Location { get; set; }Specifies the location of the contact
Notes { get; set; }Specifies the additional notes
OrganizationalIdNumber { get; set; }Specifies an organizational ID number for the contact
PersonalHomePage { get; set; }Specifies the contact’s personal web page URL
ReferredByName { get; set; }Specifies the name of the person who referred this contact to the user
SpouseName { get; set; }Specifies the name of the contact’s spouse/partner

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