Enum MapiMessageFlags

MapiMessageFlags enumeration


public enum MapiMessageFlags : long


MSGFLAG_READ1The message is marked as having been read.
MSGFLAG_UNMODIFIED2The message has not been modified since it was first saved (if unsent) or it was delivered (if sent).
MSGFLAG_SUBMIT4The message is marked for sending as a result of a call to IMessage::SubmitMessage. Message store providers set this flag; the client has read-only access.
MSGFLAG_UNSENT8The message is still being composed. It is saved, but has not been sent.
MSGFLAG_HASATTACH10The message has at least one attachment.
MSGFLAG_FROMME20The user receiving the message was also the user who sent the message.
MSGFLAG_RESEND80The message includes a request for a resend operation with a non-delivery report.
MSGFLAG_NOTIFYREAD100The user who sent the message has requested notification when a recipient first reads it.
MSGFLAG_NOTIFYUNREAD200The user who sent the message has requested notification when a recipient deletes it before reading or the Message object expires.
MSGFLAG_EVERREAD400The message has been read at least once. This flag is set or cleared by the server whenever the MSGFLAG_READ flag is set or cleared.
MSGFLAG_ORIGIN_X4001000The incoming message arrived over an X.400 link.
MSGFLAG_ORIGIN_INTERNET2000The incoming message arrived over the Internet.
MSGFLAG_ORIGIN_MISC_EXT8000The incoming message arrived over an external link other than X.400 or the Internet.

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