Enum PropertyDataType

PropertyDataType enumeration

[MS-OXCDATA]: Data Structures

public enum PropertyDataType


Unspecified0Any: this property type value matches any type; a server MUST return the actual type in its response. Servers MUST NOT return this type in response to a client request other than NspiGetIDsFromNames or the RopGetPropertyIdsFromNames ROP request ([MS-OXCROPS] section Specification name: PtypUnspecified; Alternate names: PT_UNSPECIFIED;
Null1None: This property is a placeholder. Specification name: PtypNull; Alternate names: PT_NULL;
Integer1622 bytes; a 16-bit integer Specification name: PtypInteger16; Alternate names: PT_SHORT, PT_I2, i2, ui2;
Integer3234 bytes; a 32-bit integer Specification name: PtypInteger32; Alternate names: PT_LONG, PT_I4, int, ui4;
Floating3244 bytes; a 32-bit floating point number Specification name: PtypFloating32; Alternate names: PT_FLOAT, PT_R4, float, r4;
Floating6458 bytes; a 64-bit floating point number Specification name: PtypFloating64; Alternate names: PT_DOUBLE, PT_R8, r8;
Currency68 bytes; a 64-bit signed, scaled integer representation of a decimal currency value, with four places to the right of the decimal point Specification name: PtypCurrency; Alternate names: PT_CURRENCY, fixed.14.4;
FloatingTime78 bytes; a 64-bit floating point number in which the whole number part represents the number of days since December 30, 1899, and the fractional part represents the fraction of a day since midnight Specification name: PtypFloatingTime; Alternate names: PT_APPTIME; The date information is represented by whole-number increments, starting with December 30, 1899 midnight as time zero. The time information is represented by the fraction of a day since the preceding midnight. For example, 6:00 A.M. on January 4, 1900 would be represented by the value 5.25 (5 and 1/4 of a day past December 30, 1899).
ErrorCode104 bytes; a 32-bit integer encoding error information Specification name: PtypErrorCode; Alternate names: PT_ERROR;
Boolean111 byte; restricted to 1 or 0 Specification name: PtypBoolean; Alternate names: PT_BOOLEAN. bool;
Integer64208 bytes; a 64-bit integer Specification name: PtypInteger64; Alternate names: PT_LONGLONG, PT_I8, i8, ui8;
String31Variable size; a string of Unicode characters in UTF-16LE format encoding with terminating null character (0x0000). Specification name: PtypString; Alternate names: PT_UNICODE, string;
String830Variable size; a string of multibyte characters in externally specified encoding with terminating null character (single 0 byte). Specification name: PtypString8; Alternate names: PT_STRING8;
Time648 bytes; a 64-bit integer representing the number of 100-nanosecond intervals since January 1, 1601 Specification name: PtypTime; Alternate names: PT_SYSTIME, time, datetime, datetime.tz, datetime.rfc1123, Date, time, time.tz;
Guid7216 bytes; a GUID with Data1, Data2, and Data3 fields in little-endian format Specification name: PtypGuid; Alternate names: PT_CLSID, UUID;
ServerId251Variable size; a 16-bit COUNT field followed by a structure Specification name: PtypServerId; Alternate names: PT_SVREID;
Restriction253Variable size; a byte array representing one or more Restriction structures Specification name: PtypRestriction; Alternate names: PT_SRESTRICT;
RuleAction254Variable size; a 16-bit COUNT field followed by that many rule action structures Specification name: PtypRuleAction; Alternate names: PT_ACTIONS;
Binary258Variable size; a COUNT field followed by that many bytes. Specification name: PtypBinary; Alternate names: PT_BINARY;
MultipleInteger164098Variable size; a COUNT field followed by that many PtypInteger16 values. Specification name: PtypMultipleInteger16; Alternate names: PT_MV_SHORT, PT_MV_I2, mv.i2;
MultipleInteger324099Variable size; a COUNT field followed by that many PtypInteger32 values. Specification name: PtypMultipleInteger32; Alternate names: PT_MV_LONG, PT_MV_I4, mv.i4;
MultipleFloating324100Variable size; a COUNT field followed by that many PtypFloating32 values. Specification name: PtypMultipleFloating32; Alternate names: PT_MV_FLOAT, PT_MV_R4, mv.float;
MultipleFloating644101Variable size; a COUNT field followed by that many PtypFloating64 values. Specification name: PtypMultipleFloating64; Alternate names: PT_MV_DOUBLE, PT_MV_R8;
MultipleCurrency4102Variable size; a COUNT field followed by that many PtypCurrency values. Specification name: PtypMultipleCurrency; Alternate names: PT_MV_CURRENCY, mv.fixed.14.4;
MultipleFloatingTime4103Variable size; a COUNT field followed by that many PtypFloatingTime values. Specification name: PtypMultipleFloatingTime; Alternate names: PT_MV_APPTIME;
MultipleBoolean4107Variable size; a COUNT field followed by that many PtypBoolean values. Specification name: PtypMultipleBoolean; Alternate names: PT_MV_BOOLEAN;
MultipleInteger644116Variable size; a COUNT field followed by that many PtypInteger64 values. Specification name: PtypMultipleInteger64; Alternate names: PT_MV_I8, PT_MV_LONGLONG;
MultipleString4127Variable size; a COUNT field followed by that many PtypString values. Specification name: PtypMultipleString; Alternate names: PT_MV_UNICODE;
MultipleString84126Variable size; a COUNT field followed by that many PtypString8 values. Specification name: PtypMultipleString8; Alternate names: PT_MV_STRING8, mv.string;
MultipleTime4160Variable size; a COUNT field followed by that many PtypTime values. Specification name: PtypMultipleTime; Alternate names: PT_MV_SYSTIME;
MultipleGuid4168Variable size; a COUNT field followed by that many PtypGuid values. Specification name: PtypMultipleGuid; Alternate names: PT_MV_CLSID, mv.uuid;
MultipleBinary4354Variable size; a COUNT field followed by that many PtypBinary values. Specification name: PtypMultipleBinary; Alternate names: PT_MV_BINARY, mv.bin.hex;
Object13The property value is a Component Object Model (COM) object. Specification name: PtypObject or PtypEmbeddedTable; Alternate names: PT_OBJECT;

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