Class PropertyDescriptor

PropertyDescriptor class

Class contains property description information.

public abstract class PropertyDescriptor : IEquatable<PropertyDescriptor>


CanonicalName { get; }The name used to refer to the property in the documentation. The prefix of the canonical name identifies the basic characteristics of a property to the implementer. The canonical naming structure uses three categories that are denoted by the following prefixes to the canonical property name: * PidLid prefix: Properties identified by an unsigned 32-bit quantity along with a property set. * PidName prefix: Properties identified by a string name along with a property set. * PidTag prefix: Properties identified by an unsigned 16-bit quantity.
DataType { get; }The property value type, as described in [MS-OXCDATA], that specifies the type of values allowed for the property.
MultipleValuesDataType { get; }Indicates if data type contains of multiple values
Name { get; }Gets string that, identifies a property.
static Use8BitStringAsUnicode { get; set; }Specifies if PropertyDataType.String8 has to be interpreted as PropertyDataType.String


static GetInstance(MapiProperty)Retrieves PropertyDescriptor object from MAPI property
static Parse(string)Initializes a new instance of the PropertyDescriptor class
abstract Equals(PropertyDescriptor)Indicates whether the current object is equal to another object of the same type.
static GetInstance(long)Retrieves PidTagPropertyDescriptor object
static GetInstance(int, PropertyDataType)Retrieves PidTagPropertyDescriptor object
static GetInstance(long, PropertyDataType, Guid)Retrieves PidLidPropertyDescriptor object
static GetInstance(string, PropertyDataType, Guid)Retrieves PidNamePropertyDescriptor object
operator ==Determines whether the specified objects are equal to each another.
operator !=Determines whether the specified objects are not equal to each another.

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