Class AssociatedPersonCategory

AssociatedPersonCategory class

Represents category for a persons

public class AssociatedPersonCategory : IEquatable<AssociatedPersonCategory>


AssociatedPersonCategory(string)Initializes a new instance of the AssociatedPersonCategory class with ‘Custom’ category.


static Assistant { get; }Assistant
static Brother { get; }Brother
static Child { get; }Child
static Custom { get; }Custom category with empty description
static DomesticPartner { get; }Domestic partner
static Father { get; }Father
static Friend { get; }Friend
static Manager { get; }Manager
static Mother { get; }Mother
static Parent { get; }Parent
static Partner { get; }Partner
static ReferredBy { get; }Referred by
static Relative { get; }Relative
static Sister { get; }Sister
static Spouse { get; }Spouse
Description { get; }Gets description for the ‘Custom’ category of a person
Value { get; }Gets category of a person


virtual Equals(AssociatedPersonCategory)Determines whether the specified object is equal to the current object.
override Equals(object)Determines whether the specified Object is equal to the current Object.
override GetHashCode()GetHashCode returns a hash function for this object.
override ToString()Returns a string that represents the current object.
operator ==Determines whether the specified objects are equal.
operator !=Determines whether the specified objects are not equal.


const AssistantValueString value for ‘Assistant’ category
const BrotherValueString value for ‘Brother’ category
const ChildValueString value for ‘Child’ category
const CustomValueString value for ‘Custom’ category
const DomesticPartnerValueString value for ‘DomesticPartner’ category
const FatherValueString value for ‘Father’ category
const FriendValueString value for ‘Friend’ category
const ManagerValueString value for ‘Manager’ category
const MotherValueString value for ‘Mother’ category
const ParentValueString value for ‘Parent’ category
const PartnerValueString value for ‘Partner’ category
const ReferredByValueString value for ‘ReferredBy’ category
const RelativeValueString value for ‘Relative’ category
const SisterValueString value for ‘Sister’ category
const SpouseValueString value for ‘Spouse’ category

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