Class PhoneNumberCategory

PhoneNumberCategory class

Represents category for a phone number

public class PhoneNumberCategory : IEquatable<PhoneNumberCategory>


PhoneNumberCategory(string)Initializes a new instance of the PhoneNumberCategory class with ‘Custom’ category.


static Assistant { get; }Assistant phone number
static Callback { get; }Callback phone number
static Car { get; }Car phone number
static Company { get; }Company phone number
static Custom { get; }Custom phone category
static Fax { get; }Fax number
static Home { get; }Home phone number
static HomeFax { get; }Home fax number
static Isdn { get; }Isdn phone number
static Mobile { get; }Mobile phone number
static Office { get; }Office phone number
static Pager { get; }Pager number
static Primary { get; }Primary phone number
static Radio { get; }Radio phone number
static Telex { get; }Telex
static TtyTdd { get; }Tty/Tdd
static Work { get; }Work phone number
static WorkFax { get; }Work fax number
Description { get; }Gets description for the ‘Custom’ category of a phone number
Value { get; }Gets category of a phone number


override Equals(object)Determines whether the specified Object is equal to the current Object.
virtual Equals(PhoneNumberCategory)Determines whether the specified object is equal to the current object.
override GetHashCode()GetHashCode returns a hash function for this object.
override ToString()Returns a string that represents the current object.
operator ==Determines whether the specified objects are equal.
operator !=Determines whether the specified objects are not equal.


const AssistantValueString value for ‘Assistant’ category
const CallbackValueString value for ‘Callback’ category
const CarValueString value for ‘Car’ category
const CompanyValueString value for ‘Company’ category
const CustomValueString value for ‘Custom’ category
const FaxValueString value for ‘Fax’ category
const HomeFaxValueString value for ‘Fax’ category
const HomeValueString value for ‘Home’ category
const IsdnValueString value for ‘Isdn’ category
const MobileValueString value for ‘Mobile’ category
const OfficeValueString value for ‘Office’ category
const PagerValueString value for ‘Pager’ category
const PrimaryValueString value for ‘Primary’ category
const RadioValueString value for ‘Radio’ category
const TelexValueString value for ‘Telex’ category
const TtyTddValueString value for ‘TtyTdd’ category
const WorkFaxValueString value for ‘Fax’ category
const WorkValueString value for ‘Work’ category

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