FileFormatType enumeration

Enumerates file format types.

public enum FileFormatType


Name Value Description
Unknown 0 Unknown file format.
Msg 1 Outlook MSG file format.
Eml 2 File in the MIME standard.
Mht 3 File is a Single File Web Page, also known as a Web Archive file.
Emlx 4 Apple’s program file format.
Ics 5 iCalendar file format.
Vcf 6 vCard file format.
Ost 7 Outlook Data Files format for for offline mode.
Pst 8 Outlook Data Files format.
Tnef 9 Transport Neutral Encapsulation Format.
Mbox 10 File format used for holding collections of electronic mail messages.
Oft 11 Outlook MSG file format for message template.

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