the namespace provides classes for access to google account.


AccessControlRuleAccess control rule.
AclScopeThe scope of the access rule.
BaseDataObjectBase class for google data objects.
CalendarA set of metadata, such as a description, for a single calendar.
ColorsSet of colors for calendar object
ColorsInfoContains colors definition for calendars and events
ConferencePropertiesConferencing properties for this calendar.
ContactGroupCollectionRepresents collection of GmailContactGroup objects
ErrorDetailsError informnation
ExtendedCalendarA set of extended metadata, such as a colors, for a single calendar.
FreebusyCalendarInfoDefines list of free/busy information for specified calendar.
FreebusyGroupInfoSpecifies list of calendars that are members of the groups.
FreebusyQueryRequest free/busy information for a set of calendars.
FreebusyResponseFreebusy response
GadgetA gadget that extends this event.
GmailClientBase class for Gmail client
GoogleContactGroupRepresents a group
which owns the contact
IBaseGmailClientInterface for base class of Gmail client
IGmailClientRepresents the interface for Gmail client
RangeTime range during which calendar should be regarded as busy.
RemindersInformation about the event’s reminders for the authenticated user.


AccessRoleThe effective access role that the authenticated user has on the calendar.
AclScopeTypeThe type of the ACL scope.
AllowedConferenceSolutionTypesThe types of conference solutions that are supported for this calendar.
NotificationMethodThe method used by this notification.
NotificationTypeThe type of notification.
ReminderMethodsThe method used by this reminder.