the provides classes that represent an
alternative implementation of the outlook msg format.


CustomAttachmentStorageRepresents custom attachment storage.
IMessageObjectPropertyContainerDefines an interface for container which contains MessageObjectProperty entries.
MapiGuidConstantsContains several guid constants defined by MSG format specification.
MessageObjectRepresents an Outlook message object.
Evaluation limits: only 1 attachment and 1 recipient are read when message is being loaded, watermark will be added when the message is being saved.
MessageObjectAttachmentEntityRepresents an attachment entity.
MessageObjectAttachmentsCollectionRepresents a collection for MessageObjectAttachmentEntity objects.
MessageObjectPropertiesCollectionRepresents a keyed collection for MessageObjectProperty objects.
MessageObjectPropertyRepresents a property on a MessageObject.
MessageObjectRecipientEntityRepresens a recipient entry in message object.
MessageObjectRecipientsCollectionRepresents a collection for MessageObjectRecipientEntity objects.


MapiPropertyFlagsRepresents flags which can be set on a MAPI property.
MapiTypeContains possible MAPI property types which can be stored with message object.
MessageObjectLoadFormatRepresents available formats MessageObject could be loaded from.
MessageObjectSaveFormatRepresents available formats MessageObject could be saved to.
NamedPropertyKindIdentifies MessageObjectProperty kind.