the namespace contains classes that represent outlook messages,
contacts, appointments and classes for work with microsoft outlook pst\ost file format.


ContactSaveOptionsRepresents the base contact save options
FileAccessViolationExceptionThis exception wile be thrown when the file open and locked by another caller.
FollowUpManagerProvides the ability to set and handle follow-up Outlook flags and categories.
Supports the features to add and remove a flag in
MapiMessage, and mark it as completed as well.
FollowUpOptionsRepresents options for using follow-up flags and reminders in a message.
IMapiMessageItemBase interface for all message items
in Outlook
INamedPropertyTagProviderInterface of named mapi property tag provider.
InlineAttachmentExtractorProvides ability to extract files from MSO packages.
Can be used to process “oledata.mso” and similar files typically attached to messages created using Outlook.
KnownPropertyListThe read-only Master Property List provides implementers with a single source of information about all the properties
that are described by the specifications that comprise the Exchange Server Protocols documentation (MS-OXPROPS).
Coincides MS-OXPROPS revision 16.2 from 7/31/2014
KnownPropertySets[MS-OXCDATA]: Commonly Used Property Sets
MailConversionOptionsSpecify additional options when converting from MapiMessage to MailMessage.
MapiAttachmentRepresents the attachment in the E-mail message.
MapiAttachmentCollectionRepresents a collection of MapiAttachment objects.
MapiAttachmentPropertyStreamRepresents the property stream of attachment object.
MapiCalendarRepresents the mapi calendar object
MapiCalendarAttendeesRepresents the mapi calendar attendees
MapiCalendarCollectionRepresents the collection of MapiCalendar
MapiCalendarDailyRecurrencePatternRepresents the daily recurrence pattern of the mapi calendar
MapiCalendarEventRecurrenceRepresents the recurrence properties of calendar object
MapiCalendarExceptionInfoAn exception specifies changes to an instance of a recurring series.
MapiCalendarMonthlyNthRecurrencePatternRepresents the monthly nth recurrence pattern of the mapi calendar
MapiCalendarMonthlyRecurrencePatternRepresents the monthly recurrence pattern of the mapi calendar
MapiCalendarRecurrencePatternRepresents the mapi recurrence pattern
MapiCalendarRecurrencePatternFactoryRepresents the factory of MapiCalendarRecurrencePattern
MapiCalendarTimeZoneRepresents the mapi calendar time zone information
MapiCalendarTimeZoneInfoRepresents the mapi calendar time zone rule
MapiCalendarTimeZoneInfoCollectionRepresents a collection of MapiCalendarTimeZoneInfo
MapiCalendarTimeZoneRuleRepresents time zone rule that indicate when to begin using the Standard/Daylight time.
MapiCalendarWeeklyRecurrencePatternRepresents the weekly recurrence pattern of the mapi calendar
MapiCalendarYearlyAndMonthlyRecurrencePatternRepresents the yearly and monthly recurrence pattern of the mapi calendar
MapiContactRepresents outlook contact information
MapiContactAddressBase abstract class for MapiContactElectronicAddress and MapiContactPhysicalAddress.
MapiContactCollectionRepresents the collection of MapiContact
MapiContactElectronicAddressRefers to the group of properties that
define the e-mail address or fax address for a contact.
MapiContactElectronicAddressPropertySetSpecify properties for up to three different
e-mail addresses (Email1, Email2, and Email3)
and three different fax addresses (Primary Fax, Business Fax, and Home Fax)
MapiContactEventPropertySetSpecify events associated with a contact
MapiContactNamePropertySetThe properties are used to specify the name
of the person represented by the contact
MapiContactOtherPropertySetThe properties are used to specify additional properies of contact.
MapiContactPersonalInfoPropertySetSpecify other additional contact information
MapiContactPhotoContains data and type of contact’s photo.
MapiContactPhysicalAddressRefers to the group of properties that
define physical address for a contact.
MapiContactPhysicalAddressPropertySetSpecify three physical addresses:
Home Address, Work Address, and Other Address.
One of the addresses can be marked as the Mailing Address
MapiContactProfessionalPropertySetProperties are used to store professional
details for the person represented by the contact
MapiContactPropertySetBase class for all sets of MapiContact properties.
MapiContactSaveOptionsSpecifies the contact save options.
MapiContactTelephonePropertySetSpecify optional telephone numbers
for the contact
MapiConversionOptionsThis class allows the user to specify additional options when converting from MailMessage to MapiMessage.
MapiDistributionListRepresents the Personal Distribution List object.
MapiDistributionListMemberRepresents the members of the personal distribution list.
MapiDistributionListMemberCollectionRepresents a collection of MapiDistributionListMember objects.
MapiDistributionListSaveOptionsSpecifies the DistributionList save options.
MapiElectronicAddressRefers to the group of properties that
define the e-mail address or fax address.
MapiJournalRepresents the Outlook Journal object.
MapiMessageRepresents an Outlook Message format document that can be parsed.
MapiMessageItemBaseRepresents the base class for all MapiMessageItem classes and keeps common collections of mapi properties, attachments, recipients.
MapiMessageParseExceptionThis exception is thrown when errors occur in parsing MapiMessage.
MapiMessagePropertyStreamRepresents the property stream.
MapiMessageReaderRepresents a reader that can read a Microsoft Outlook Message format document.
MapiNamedPropertyRepresents the data type of Named Property.
MapiNamedPropertyMappingStorageRepresents the named property mapping
MapiNoteRepresents outlook Note object (“sticky note”)
MapiObjectPropertyRepresents a Custom object included in Outlook Message documents.
MapiPropertyRepresents the mapi property.
MapiPropertyCollectionRepresents the collection of MapiProperty items.
MapiPropertyContainerRepresents the base class for
MapiPropertyStreamRepresents the property stream.
MapiPropertyTagRepresents the MAPI property tags definition.
MapiRecipientRepresents the recipient information in the Microsoft Outlook Message.
MapiRecipientCollectionRepresents a collection of MapiRecipient objects.
MapiRecipientPropertyStreamRepresents the property stream of recipient object.
MapiTaskRepresents the Outlook Task object.
MapiTaskUsersRepresents information about task users.
OleDocumentFormatRepresents the format for OLE document.
PidLidPropertyDescriptorClass contains property description information.
PidNamePropertyDescriptorClass contains property description information.
PidTagPropertyDescriptorClass contains property description information.
PropertyDescriptorClass contains property description information.
WebDavContactSaveOptionsSpecifies the contact save options.


BodyContentTypeThe content type of message body.
ContactSaveFormatEnumerates contact save formats
MapiCalendarBusyStatusEnumerates the mapi calendar possible busy status
MapiCalendarClientIntentEnumerates the actions the user can taken on the Meeting object
MapiCalendarDayOfWeekEnumerates the days of week of the mapi calendar recurrence pattern
MapiCalendarOverrideFlagsSpecifies what data in the MapiCalendarOverrideFlags structure has a value different from the recurring series.
MapiCalendarRecurrenceCalendarTypeEnumerated the calendar type of the mapi recurrence
MapiCalendarRecurrenceEndTypeEnumerates the ending type for the recurrence.
MapiCalendarRecurrenceFrequencyEnumerates mapi calendar recurrence frequency
MapiCalendarRecurrencePatternTypeEnumerates the mapi calendar recurrence pattern types
MapiCalendarStateEnumerates the appointment state
MapiCalendarTimeZoneFlagsEnumerates the individual bit flags that specify information about TimeZoneRule
MapiContactGenderGender of the contact
MapiContactPhotoImageFormatEnumerates MapiContact photo image format.
MapiDistributionListContactAddressTypeRepresents the address type of
a personal distribution list member.
MapiDistributionListEntryIdTypeSpecifies the type of EntryID.
MapiItemTypeRepresents a MAPI item type that can be explicitly converted into an object
of the corresponding class derived from the IMapiMessageItem interface.
MapiJournalDocumentStatusIndicates the status of document.
MapiJournalFlagsContains metadata about the Journal object.
Must be either zero or the following values.
MapiObjectTypeRepresents the mapi object type.
MapiPropertyTypeRepresents the data type of MapiProperty data.
MapiRecipientTrackStatusRepresents the response status returned by the attendee.
MapiRecipientTypeRepresent the PR_RECIPIENT_TYPE property which contains the recipient type for a message recipient.
MapiTaskAcceptanceStateIndicates the acceptance state of the task.
MapiTaskFlagsContains indication flags of the Task object.
MapiTaskHistoryIndicates the type of change that was last made to the Task object.
MapiTaskModeRepresents the assignment
statuses of the task object.
MapiTaskOwnershipIndicates the role of the current user
relative to the Task object.
MapiTaskPriorityRepresents the priority on the task.
MapiTaskStateIndicates the assignment state of the Task object.
MapiTaskStatusRepresents the statuses of the user’s progress on the task.
NoteColorSpecifies the suggested background color
of the Note object
NoteSaveFormatEnumerates NoteSaveFormat
OutlookMessageFormatRepresents outlook message format.
PropertyDataType[MS-OXCDATA]: Data Structures
TaskSaveFormatEnumerates TaskSaveFormat