the namespace contains classes for work with vcard file format.


VCardAgentRepresents a vCard Agent property
VCardContactRepresents a vCard contact
VCardDeliveryAddressRepresents a vCard delivery address
VCardDeliveryAddressCollectionRepresents a collection of VCardDeliveryAddresses
VCardEmailRepresents vCard email
VCardEmailCollectionRepresents a collection of VCardEmails
VCardExplanatoryInfoRepresents vCard explanatory properties
VCardFullNameRepresents vCard contact full name (N property)
VCardGeoRepresents a global positioning of vCard contact
VCardIdentificationInfoRepresents vCard identification information
VCardLabelTo specify the formatted text corresponding to delivery address of the object the vCard represents.
VCardLabelCollectionRepresents a collection of VCardLabel
VCardOrganizationRepresents vCard organization properties
VCardPhotoRepresents vCard photo property
VCardSaveOptionsRepresents vCard save options
VCardSecurityRepresents a vCard security properties
VCardSoundRepresents a vCard sound property
VCardTelephoneNumberRepresents a vCard telephone number
VCardTelephoneNumberCollectionRepresents a collection of VCardTelephoneNumbers
VCardUrlRepresents a vCard URL property
VCardUrlCollectionRepresents a collection of VCardUrls


VCardDeliveryAddressTypeEnumerates a vCard delivery address types
VCardEmailTypeEnumerates vCard email types
VCardPhotoTypeEnumerates vCard photo type
VCardSoundTypeEnumerates a cVard sound types
VCardTelephoneTypeEnumerates a vCard telephone types
VCardUrlTypeEnumerates url type
VCardValueLocationEnumerates the vCard property parameter ValueLocation.
VCardVersionEnumerates vCard version