the namespace contains classes that represents contact information.


AssociatedPersonDescribes organization which is associated with a person.
AssociatedPersonCategoryRepresents category for a persons
AssociatedPersonsListList of associated persons for a contact
ContactRepresents contact information.
ContactPhotoRepresents contact photo.
CustomerEventRepresents an event.
EmailAddressRepresents an email address
EmailAddressCategoryRepresents category for an email address
EmailAddressListList of email addresses for a contact
EventCategoryRepresents category for an event
EventListList of events for a contact
InstantMessengerAddressRepresents an instant messanger address.
InstantMessengerCategoryRepresents category for an instant messenger address
InstantMessengerListList of instant messenger addresses for a contact.
PhoneNumberRepresents a phone number.
PhoneNumberCategoryRepresents category for a phone number
PhoneNumberListList of phone numbers for a contact.
PostalAddressRepresents a postal address.
PostalAddressCategoryRepresents category for a postal address
PostalAddressListList of postal addresses for a contact.
UrlObjects represents a URL and its category.
UrlCategoryRepresents category for a URL
UrlListList of urls for contact


ContactLoadFormatEnumerates contact load formats
FileAsMappingSpecifies how to generate and recompute the value of the dispidFileAs property when other contact name properties change.
Coincides MS-OXPROPS revision 16.2 from 7/31/2014
GenderEnum defines gender of a person
TextFormatDefines format of a text.