the namespace contains classes that represent the logging functionality.


AppenderRepresents the base class for Appender.
AppenderCollectionRepresents the collecton for Appender objects.
ConsoleAppenderRepresents an appender for console output.
DebugAppenderRepresents an appender is only enabled when debugging.
DebugFormatterRepresents the class for formatting log entry messages.
FileAppenderReprensents a file appender.
FormatterRepresents the interface for formatting log entry messsages.
IAppenderImplement this interface for your own strategies for printing log entries.
IFormatterRepresents the interface for formatting log entry messsages.
LogEntryRepresents a log message. Contains the common properties that are required for all log messages.
LogLevelDefines available log levels.
LoggerProvides the logging functionality.
LoggerManagerStatic manager that controls the creation of loggers.
LoggingExceptionThe exception that is thrown when error is found in logging.
NullAppenderRepresents a do-nothing appender.
SimpleFormatterRepresents the default implementation of IFormatter interface.
StandardFormatterRepresents the class for formatting log entry messsages.