BillPaymentStatusCodeEnum enumeration

Bill payment status code enum.

public enum BillPaymentStatusCodeEnum


PAIDOUTOFBAND0A Payment has been initiated for this bill via a mechanism that does not report status via OFX. This status is intended to indicate the customer has paid the biller directly with cash or a check or has initiated an electronic payment through a mechanism that does not report payment status through OFX.
AUTOPAY1The Biller or Service Provider will initiate the payment based on a pre-authorization by the customer, typically a “good until cancelled” instruction with no defined end date. In the US this is often implemented using a recurring pre-authorized ACH debit, though some Billers offer preauthorized automatic payment through credit card.Examples include monthly deductions to cover a mortgage, regular payments from a checking account to a credit card, and the Automatic Payment Service (APS) offered by many utilities.Like NONE, this may be the initial payment status of the bill.
CANCELLED2The customer cancelled the payment that was previously scheduled.
UNPAYABLE3None of the Payment Instruments allowed for this bill are supported by the Payment Provider. This is intended to be used where the bill restricts payment to a subset of the Payment Instruments allowed in the Biller Directory entry. This could occur if the Payment Provider or the Biller changed their supported payment instrument types after enrollment and account activation.
NONE4There is neither a payment scheduled, nor has one been made against this bill. This may be the initial payment status of a bill.
SCHEDULED5A payment has been scheduled, but not yet processed against this bill.
PROCESSED6The payment has been processed against this bill, and can no longer be cancelled.
POSTED7The biller has posted the payment against this bill.

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