Class Description
AbstractPayeeRequest Abstract base class for all payee request related classes.
AbstractPayeeResponse Abstract base class for all payee response related classes.
AbstractPaymentRequest Abstract base class for all payment request related classes.
AbstractPaymentResponse Abstract base class for all payee response related classes.
AbstractRecurringPaymentRequest Abstract base class for all recurring payment request related classes.
AbstractRecurringPaymentResponse Abstract base class for all recurring payment response related classes.
BillPubInfo Bill publisher information for the payment.
ExtendedPayee The class communicates a payee identifier to the client. It also contains the processing day parameters for a payee.It can be sent to the client for any payee whose processing day parameters are different from the processor’s default values, even for payees with no payeeid.
ExtendedPayment The class provides the payee with information for applying a payment across multiple invoices.It is structured to allow for electronic processing of the invoice data, and allows multiple invoices, as well as multiple line items per invoice, to be specified.
ExtendedPaymentInvoice Extended payment invoice class.
PayeeDeleteRequest Payee deletion request class.
PayeeDeleteResponse Payee deletion response class.
PayeeModRequest Payee modification request class.
PayeeModResponse Payee modification response class.
PayeeRequest Payee addition request class.
PayeeResponse Payee addition response class.
PayeeSyncRequest Payee list synchronization request class.
PayeeSyncResponse Payee list synchronization response class.
PayeeTransactionRequest Payee transaction request class.
PayeeTransactionResponse Payee transaction response class.
PaymentCancelRequest Payment cancellation request class.
PaymentCancelResponse Payment cancellation response class.
PaymentInfo The Payment Information class is used to specify detailed payment information. It is used for both single payments and recurring payments.
PaymentInquiryRequest Payment status inquiry request class.
PaymentInquiryResponse Payment status inquiry response class.
PaymentInquiryTransactionRequest Payment status inquiry transaction request class.
PaymentInquiryTransactionResponse Payment status inquiry transaction response class.
PaymentMailRequest Payment email request class.
PaymentMailResponse Payment email response class.
PaymentMailSyncRequest Payment mail synchronization request class.
PaymentMailSyncResponse Payment mail synchronization response class.
PaymentMailTransactionRequest Payment email transaction request class.
PaymentMailTransactionResponse Payment email transaction response class.
PaymentModRequest Payment modification request class.
PaymentModResponse Payment modification response class.
PaymentProcessingStatus The class contains the current processing status for a payment. This class is intended to describe status changes to the associated payment after creation.
PaymentRequest Payment request class.
PaymentResponse Payment response class.
PaymentSyncRequest Payment synchronization request class.
PaymentSyncResponse Payment synchronization response class.
PaymentTransactionRequest Payment transaction request class.
PaymentTransactionResponse Payment transaction response class.
RecurringPaymentCancelRequest Recurring payment cancellation request class.
RecurringPaymentCancelResponse Recurring payment cancellation response class.
RecurringPaymentModRequest Recurring payment modification request class.
RecurringPaymentModResponse Recurring payment modification response class.
RecurringPaymentRequest Recurring payment request class.
RecurringPaymentResponse Recurring payment response class.
RecurringPaymentSyncRequest Recurring payment synchronization request class.
RecurringPaymentSyncResponse Recurring payment synchronization response class.
RecurringPaymentTransactionRequest Recurring payment transaction request class.
RecurringPaymentTransactionResponse Recurring payment transaction response class.


Enumeration Description
ExtendedPaymentForEnum Payment for type enum.
IdScopeEnum payee ID scope type enum.
PaymentProcessStatusEnum Payment processing status enum.