Class Description
AmortizationRequest Amortization statement request class.
AmortizationResponse Amortization statement response class.
AmortizationTransaction Amortization transaction class.
AmortizationTransactionList Amortization statement list class.
AmortizationTransactionRequest Amortization statement transaction request class.
AmortizationTransactionResponse Amortization statement transaction response class.
EscrowBalance Escrow balance class.
EstimatedPayoff Estimated payoff balance class.
LoanClosing A loan account uses the LoanClosing class to describe statement closing information.
LoanMailRequest Loan email request class.
LoanMailResponse Loan email response class.
LoanMailSyncRequest Loan mail synchronization request class.
LoanMailSyncResponse Loan mail synchronization response class.
LoanMailTransactionRequest Loan email transaction request class.
LoanMailTransactionResponse Loan email transaction response class.
LoanStatementEndRequest Loan closing statement request class.
LoanStatementEndResponse Loan closing statement response class.
LoanStatementEndTransactionRequest Loan closing statement transaction request class.
LoanStatementEndTransactionResponse Loan closing statement transaction response class.
LoanStatementRequest Loan download request class.
LoanStatementResponse Loan download request class.
LoanStatementTransaction This class describes a single transaction. It identifies the type of the transaction and the date it was posted.The class can also provide additional information to help the customer recognize the transaction: check number, name, memo and images.
LoanStatementTransactionRequest Loan download transaction request class.
LoanStatementTransactionResponse Loan download transaction response class.
LoanTransactionList Loan statement transaction data collection class.


Enumeration Description
AmortizationType Amortization type enum.
LoanTransactionEnum Loan transaction type enum.