AbstractMessageSetAbstract base class of message set related classes.
AbstractMessageSetVersionAbstract base class of message set implementation related classes
BankMessageSetMessage set for banking.
BankMessageSetV1Version 1 of bank message set.
BillPayMessageSetBill pay message set.
BillPayMessageSetV1Version 1 of bill pay message set.
ClientEnrollClient-based enrollment supported.
CreditcardMessageSetCredit card message set class.
CreditcardMessageSetV1Version 1 of credit card message set
EmailMessageSetEmail message set.
EmailMessageSetV1Version 1 of email message set.
EmailProfileEmail profile class.
ImageMessageSetImage message set.
ImageMessageSetV1Version 1 of image message set.
ImageProfileImage profile class.
InterTransferMessageSetInterbank transfers message set.
InterTransferMessageSetV1Version 1 of interbank transfers message set.
InvestmentStatementMessageSetInvestment statement message set.
InvestmentStatementMessageSetV1Version 1 of investment statement message set.
LoanMessageSetLoan message set.
LoanMessageSetV1Version 1 of loan message set.
MessageSetCoreCommon message set information class.
MessageSetListmessage set list information class.
OtherEnrollSome other enrollment process
PresentmentDirMessageSetBiller directory message set.
PresentmentDirMessageSetV1Version 1 of biller directory message set.
PresentmentDirProfileBiller directory profile class.
PresentmentDlvMessageSetBiller delivery message set.
PresentmentDlvMessageSetV1Version 1 of biller delivery message set.
PresentmentDlvProfileBiller delivery profile class.
ProfileMessageSetProfile message set.
ProfileRequestA profile request indicates which profile components a client desires. It also indicates what the client’s routing capability is. Profiles returned by the FI must be compatible with the requested routing style, or the server returns an error.
ProfileResponseProfile response class.
ProfileTransactionRequestProfile transaction request class.
ProfileTransactionResponseProfile transaction response class.
SecurityListMessageSetSecurity information message set.
SecurityListMessageSetV1Version 1 of Security information message set.
SignonInfoSignon information class.
SignonMessageSetSignon message set.
SignonMessageSetV1Version 1 of signon message set.
SignupMessageSetSignup message set.
SignupMessageSetV1Version 1 of signup message set.
StopCheckProfileStop check profile class.
Tax1098MessageSetTax 1098 message set.
Tax1098MessageSetV1Version 1 of tax 1098 message set..
Tax1099MessageSetTax 1099 message set.
Tax1099MessageSetV1Version 1 of tax 1099 message set.
TaxW2MessageSetTax W2 message set.
TaxW2MessageSetV1Version 1 of tax W2 message set.
TransferProfileIntrabank transfer profile class.
WebEnrollWeb-based enrollment supported.
WireTransferMessageSetWire transfers message set.
WireTransferMessageSetV1Version 1 of wire transfers message set.


CharTypeEnumType enum of characters allowed in password.
ClientRoutingEnumClient routing enum.
DaysEnumDay of week enum.
SecurityEnumSecurity level enum.
SyncEnumSynchronization mode enum.