Class Description
AbstractMessageSet Abstract base class of message set related classes.
AbstractMessageSetVersion Abstract base class of message set implementation related classes
BankMessageSet Message set for banking.
BankMessageSetV1 Version 1 of bank message set.
BillPayMessageSet Bill pay message set.
BillPayMessageSetV1 Version 1 of bill pay message set.
ClientEnroll Client-based enrollment supported.
CreditcardMessageSet Credit card message set class.
CreditcardMessageSetV1 Version 1 of credit card message set
EmailMessageSet Email message set.
EmailMessageSetV1 Version 1 of email message set.
EmailProfile Email profile class.
ImageMessageSet Image message set.
ImageMessageSetV1 Version 1 of image message set.
ImageProfile Image profile class.
InterTransferMessageSet Interbank transfers message set.
InterTransferMessageSetV1 Version 1 of interbank transfers message set.
InvestmentStatementMessageSet Investment statement message set.
InvestmentStatementMessageSetV1 Version 1 of investment statement message set.
LoanMessageSet Loan message set.
LoanMessageSetV1 Version 1 of loan message set.
MessageSetCore Common message set information class.
MessageSetList message set list information class.
OtherEnroll Some other enrollment process
PresentmentDirMessageSet Biller directory message set.
PresentmentDirMessageSetV1 Version 1 of biller directory message set.
PresentmentDirProfile Biller directory profile class.
PresentmentDlvMessageSet Biller delivery message set.
PresentmentDlvMessageSetV1 Version 1 of biller delivery message set.
PresentmentDlvProfile Biller delivery profile class.
ProfileMessageSet Profile message set.
ProfileRequest A profile request indicates which profile components a client desires. It also indicates what the client’s routing capability is. Profiles returned by the FI must be compatible with the requested routing style, or the server returns an error.
ProfileResponse Profile response class.
ProfileTransactionRequest Profile transaction request class.
ProfileTransactionResponse Profile transaction response class.
SecurityListMessageSet Security information message set.
SecurityListMessageSetV1 Version 1 of Security information message set.
SignonInfo Signon information class.
SignonMessageSet Signon message set.
SignonMessageSetV1 Version 1 of signon message set.
SignupMessageSet Signup message set.
SignupMessageSetV1 Version 1 of signup message set.
StopCheckProfile Stop check profile class.
Tax1098MessageSet Tax 1098 message set.
Tax1098MessageSetV1 Version 1 of tax 1098 message set..
Tax1099MessageSet Tax 1099 message set.
Tax1099MessageSetV1 Version 1 of tax 1099 message set.
TaxW2MessageSet Tax W2 message set.
TaxW2MessageSetV1 Version 1 of tax W2 message set.
TransferProfile Intrabank transfer profile class.
WebEnroll Web-based enrollment supported.
WireTransferMessageSet Wire transfers message set.
WireTransferMessageSetV1 Version 1 of wire transfers message set.


Enumeration Description
CharTypeEnum Type enum of characters allowed in password.
ClientRoutingEnum Client routing enum.
DaysEnum Day of week enum.
SecurityEnum Security level enum.
SyncEnum Synchronization mode enum.