ChallengeRequestChallenge request class. A challenge request is the first step in Type 1 application-level security. Essentially, it asks for some random data from the server.The challenge response provides that server-generated random data and is the second step in Type 1 security.
ChallengeResponseChallenge response class.
ChallengeTransactionRequestChallenge transaction request class.
ChallengeTransactionResponseChallenge transaction response class.
FinancialInstitutionFinancial institution class.
MFAChallengeChallenge question class.
MFAChallengeAnswerSignon answers to challenge questions.
MFAChallengeRequestMFA challenge request class. It is a request for the server to send a list of challenge questions that must be correctly answered before the OFX client may proceed with further OFX requests.
MFAChallengeResponseMFA challenge response class.
MFAChallengeTransactionRequestMFA challenge transaction request class
MFAChallengeTransactionResponseMFA challenge transaction response class
PinChangeRequestUser password change request class.
PinChangeResponseUser password change response class.
PinChangeTransactionRequestUser password change transaction request class.
PinChangeTransactionResponseUser password change transaction response class.
SignonRequestSignon request class.
SignonResponseSignon response class.