Class Description
AbstractTax1098 Abstract base class of tax form 1098 classes.
BorrowerAddress Borrower address class.
FilerAddress Filer address class.
LenderAddress Lender address class.
StudentAddress Student address class.
Tax1098E_V100 Tax 1098E V100 form class, student loan interest Statement.
Tax1098Request Tax 1098 request class. This requests all 1098 tax forms from the server.
Tax1098Response Tax 1098 response class.
Tax1098TransactionRequest Tax 1098 transaction request class.
Tax1098TransactionResponse Tax 1098 transaction response class.
Tax1098T_V100 Tax 1098T V100 form class, tuition statement.
Tax1098_V100 Tax 1098 V100 form class, mortgage interest statement.