Class Description
AbstractTaxForm1099 Abstract base class of tax form 1099 classes.
AdditionalStateTaxWithheldAggregate State tax withheld when more than one state must be reported
AddlStateTaxWheldAggregate Optional state tax withholding class that handles tax withholding declarations for one or more states.
ExtendedBInfo_V100 Extended 1099B information typically found in 1099B broker summary reports.
FIDirectDepositInfo Optional direct deposit class.
LocalTaxWithheldAggregate Local tax withheld class.
PayerAddress Payer address class.
ProceedDescription_V100 Tax 1099-B form proceeds description class.
ProceedSummary_V100 Tax 1099-B form proceeds summary class.
StateTaxWithheldAggregate State tax withheld class.
StocksBonds Stocks, bonds, etc.
Tax1099B_V100 Tax 1099B V100 form class.
Tax1099DIV_V100 Tax 1099-DIV V100 form class.
Tax1099INT_V100 Tax 1099-INT V100 form class.
Tax1099MISC_V100 Tax 1099 MISC form class.
Tax1099OID_V100 Tax 1099-OID V100 form class.
Tax1099Request Tax 1099 request class. This requests all types of 1099 tax forms from the server.
Tax1099Response Tax 1099 response class.
Tax1099R_V100 Tax 1099R V100 form class.
Tax1099TransactionRequest Tax 1099 transaction request class.
Tax1099TransactionResponse Tax 1099 transaction response class.


Enumeration Description
LongShortEnum Long short enum.