Tax1099B_V100 class

Tax 1099B V100 form class.

public class Tax1099B_V100 : AbstractTaxForm1099


Name Description
Tax1099B_V100() Initializes a new instance of Tax1099B_V100 class.


Name Description
AggregateProfit { get; set; } Gets or sets the aggregate profit or loss.
Bartering { get; set; } Gets or sets the bartering.
Corrected { get; set; } Gets or sets whether this is a corrected form.
CUSIPNumber { get; set; } Gets or sets the Committee on Uniform Security Identity Procedures number.
Description { get; set; } Gets or sets the description.
ExtendedBInfo_V100 { get; set; } Gets or sets the ExtendedBInfo_V100.
FederalTaxWithheld { get; set; } Gets or sets the federal income tax withheld.
PayerAddress { get; set; } Gets or sets the PayerAddress.
PayerId { get; set; } Gets or sets the payer’s federal identification number.
Profit { get; set; } Gets or sets the profit or loss realized.
RecipientAccount { get; set; } Gets or sets the recipient account number.
RecipientAddress { get; set; } Gets or sets the RecipientAddress.
RecipientId { get; set; } Gets or sets the recipient’s identification number.
SaleDate { get; set; } Gets or sets the date of sale.
ServerId { get; set; } Gets or sets the ID assigned by host server to the form.
StocksBonds { get; set; } Gets or sets the StocksBonds.
TaxYear { get; set; } Gets or sets the tax year of this form.
TINNotification { get; set; } Gets or sets the second TIN notification.
UnrealizeProfit { get; set; } Gets or sets the unrealized profit or loss on open contracts in this tax year.
UnrealizeProfitPre { get; set; } Gets or sets the unrealized profit or loss on open contracts in previous tax year.
Void { get; set; } Gets or sets whether the form is void.

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