Arc class

The base abstract class of Xlink with Arc type.

public abstract class Arc : Xlink


Arc()Initializes a new instance of Arc class.


Actuate { get; set; }Gets or sets the actuate of the arc.
Arcrole { get; set; }Gets or sets the arcrole of the arc.
From { get; set; }Gets or sets the from label of the arc.
Order { get; set; }Gets or sets the order of the arc.
Priority { get; set; }Gets or sets the priority of the arc.
Show { get; set; }Gets or sets the show of the arc.
Title { get; set; }Gets or sets the title of the arc.
To { get; set; }Gets or sets the to label of the arc.
Type { get; }Gets the link type.
Use { get; set; }Gets or sets the arc use of the arc.

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