Concept class

Concepts are defined in two equivalent ways. In a syntactic sense, a concept is an XML Schema element definition, defining the element to be in the item element substitution group or in the tuple element substitution group. At a semantic level, a concept is a definition of a kind of fact that can be reported about the activities or nature of a business activity.

public class Concept


BalanceType { get; set; }Get or sets the balance type of the concept.
Id { get; set; }Get or sets the id of the concept.
IsAbstract { get; set; }Get or sets whether this concept is abstract.
IsDimension { get; }Gets whether it is dimension concept.
IsExplicitDimension { get; }Gets whether it is explicit dimension concept.
IsTypedDimension { get; }Gets whether it is typed dimension concept.
Name { get; set; }Gets or sets the name of the concept.
NamespaceUri { get; }Gets the namespace URI of the concept.
PeriodType { get; set; }Get or sets the period type of the concept.
SubstitutionGroup { get; set; }Gets or sets the substitution group of the concept.


GetLabel(string)Gets the label of the concept from the Label links.

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