BillDetailRowBill detail row class.
BillDetailTableThe bill detail table allows billers to send tabular data to the customer in a flexible way. The table might contain phone calls from a telephone bill, or electrical meter readings for a utility bill.
BillPaymentStatusBill payment status class.
BillPaymentStatusCountsBill Payment Status Counts class.
BillStatusBill status class.
BillStatusCountsBill status counts class.
BillStatusModRequestBill status modification request class.
BillStatusModResponseBill status modification response class.
BillStatusModTransactionRequestBill status modification transaction request class.
BillStatusModTransactionResponseBill status modification transaction response class.
BillTableStructureRequestTable structure request class.
BillTableStructureResponseTable structure response class.
BillTableStructureTransactionRequestBill table structure transaction request class.
BillTableStructureTransactionResponseBill table structure transaction response class.
ColumnDefinitionColumn definition class.
PresentmentBillInfoBill Information class.
PresentmentCountsBill Counts class.
PresentmentDeliveryIdThis class identifies a bill delivery instance and suggests when the bill was seen.
PresentmentDetailPresentment detail class.
PresentmentDetailRequestBill detail request class.
PresentmentDetailResponseBill detail response class.
PresentmentDetailTransactionRequestBill detail transaction request class.
PresentmentDetailTransactionResponseBill detail transaction response class.
PresentmentGroupAccountInfoTransactionRequestGroup account information transaction request class. This class specifies whether the client is requesting account information for a single user or a group of users.
PresentmentGroupAccountInfoTransactionResponseGroup account information transaction response class.
PresentmentListRequestBill list request class. The client requests bills from a bill publisher by date range.
PresentmentListResponseBill list response class.
PresentmentListTransactionRequestBill list transaction request class.
PresentmentListTransactionResponseBill list transaction response class.
PresentmentMailRequestBill presentment mail request class.
PresentmentMailResponseBill presentment mail response class.
PresentmentMailSyncRequestBill presentment mail synchronization request class.
PresentmentMailSyncResponseBill presentment mail synchronization response class.
PresentmentMailTransactionRequestBill presentment mail transaction request class.
PresentmentMailTransactionResponseBill presentment mail transaction response class.
PresentmentNotifyRequestDelivery notification request class.
PresentmentNotifyResponseDelivery notification response class.
PresentmentNotifyTransactionRequestDelivery notification transaction request class.
PresentmentNotifyTransactionResponseDelivery notification transaction response class.
StatementImageThe class provides one or more URLs that point to a fully rendered image of the bill, in HTML.


BillPaymentStatusCodeEnumBill payment status code enum.
BillStatusCodeEnumBill status code enum.
BillTypeEnumBill type enum.
StatusModByEnumStatus modified by enum.