AbstractPayeeRequestAbstract base class for all payee request related classes.
AbstractPayeeResponseAbstract base class for all payee response related classes.
AbstractPaymentRequestAbstract base class for all payment request related classes.
AbstractPaymentResponseAbstract base class for all payee response related classes.
AbstractRecurringPaymentRequestAbstract base class for all recurring payment request related classes.
AbstractRecurringPaymentResponseAbstract base class for all recurring payment response related classes.
BillPubInfoBill publisher information for the payment.
ExtendedPayeeThe class communicates a payee identifier to the client. It also contains the processing day parameters for a payee.It can be sent to the client for any payee whose processing day parameters are different from the processor’s default values, even for payees with no payeeid.
ExtendedPaymentThe class provides the payee with information for applying a payment across multiple invoices.It is structured to allow for electronic processing of the invoice data, and allows multiple invoices, as well as multiple line items per invoice, to be specified.
ExtendedPaymentInvoiceExtended payment invoice class.
PayeeDeleteRequestPayee deletion request class.
PayeeDeleteResponsePayee deletion response class.
PayeeModRequestPayee modification request class.
PayeeModResponsePayee modification response class.
PayeeRequestPayee addition request class.
PayeeResponsePayee addition response class.
PayeeSyncRequestPayee list synchronization request class.
PayeeSyncResponsePayee list synchronization response class.
PayeeTransactionRequestPayee transaction request class.
PayeeTransactionResponsePayee transaction response class.
PaymentCancelRequestPayment cancellation request class.
PaymentCancelResponsePayment cancellation response class.
PaymentInfoThe Payment Information class is used to specify detailed payment information. It is used for both single payments and recurring payments.
PaymentInquiryRequestPayment status inquiry request class.
PaymentInquiryResponsePayment status inquiry response class.
PaymentInquiryTransactionRequestPayment status inquiry transaction request class.
PaymentInquiryTransactionResponsePayment status inquiry transaction response class.
PaymentMailRequestPayment email request class.
PaymentMailResponsePayment email response class.
PaymentMailSyncRequestPayment mail synchronization request class.
PaymentMailSyncResponsePayment mail synchronization response class.
PaymentMailTransactionRequestPayment email transaction request class.
PaymentMailTransactionResponsePayment email transaction response class.
PaymentModRequestPayment modification request class.
PaymentModResponsePayment modification response class.
PaymentProcessingStatusThe class contains the current processing status for a payment. This class is intended to describe status changes to the associated payment after creation.
PaymentRequestPayment request class.
PaymentResponsePayment response class.
PaymentSyncRequestPayment synchronization request class.
PaymentSyncResponsePayment synchronization response class.
PaymentTransactionRequestPayment transaction request class.
PaymentTransactionResponsePayment transaction response class.
RecurringPaymentCancelRequestRecurring payment cancellation request class.
RecurringPaymentCancelResponseRecurring payment cancellation response class.
RecurringPaymentModRequestRecurring payment modification request class.
RecurringPaymentModResponseRecurring payment modification response class.
RecurringPaymentRequestRecurring payment request class.
RecurringPaymentResponseRecurring payment response class.
RecurringPaymentSyncRequestRecurring payment synchronization request class.
RecurringPaymentSyncResponseRecurring payment synchronization response class.
RecurringPaymentTransactionRequestRecurring payment transaction request class.
RecurringPaymentTransactionResponseRecurring payment transaction response class.


ExtendedPaymentForEnumPayment for type enum.
IdScopeEnumpayee ID scope type enum.
PaymentProcessStatusEnumPayment processing status enum.