AbstractInvestmentBuyTransactionAbstract base class of investment buy transaction related classes.
AbstractInvestmentSellTransactionAbstract base class of investment sell transaction related classes.
AbstractInvestmentTransactionAbstract base class of investment transaction(not buy/sell) related classes.
AbstractInvestmentTransactionBaseAbstract base class of investment transaction related classes.
AbstractOpenOrderAbstract base class for all open order related classes.
AbstractPositionBaseAbstract base class of investment position related classes.
BuyDebtInvestment buy debt transaction class.
BuyMutualFundInvestment buy mutual fund transaction class.
BuyOptionInvestment buy option transaction class.
BuyOtherInvestment buy other transaction class.
BuyStockInvestment buy stock transaction class.
ClosureOptionInvestment close a position for an option transaction class.
ContributionAmtContribution amount allocation class.
ContributionPctContribution percent allocation class.
ContributionSecurityContribution security class.
Contributions401(k) contribution class, this includes loan payments.
Earnings401(k) earnings class. This is the market value change. It includes dividends/interest, and capital gains - realized and unrealized.
GeneralOpenOrderThe class contains fields common to all open orders.
IncPositionInclude investment positions in response.
InceptToDateTotal contributions to date (since inception)
IncomeInvestment income class.
Investment401kInvestment 401(k) account information class.
Investment401kBalanceThe class contains an optional cash balance. It also contains the balances of the standard 401(k) sub-accounts.
Investment401kSummaryList of contributions to 401(k) account.
InvestmentBalanceInvestment balances class.
InvestmentBankTransactionThis class is used to download bank transactions in an investment statement download.
InvestmentBuyInvestment buy transaction class.
InvestmentClosingThis class provides image information for client retrieval of investment statement images.
InvestmentExpenseInvestment expense class.
InvestmentMailRequestInvestment email request class.
InvestmentMailResponseInvestment email response class.
InvestmentMailSyncRequestInvestment email Synchronization request class.
InvestmentMailSyncResponseInvestment email Synchronization response class.
InvestmentMailTransactionRequestInvestment email transaction request class.
InvestmentMailTransactionResponseInvestment email transaction response class.
InvestmentOpenOrderListInvestment open order list class.
InvestmentPositionThe class contains fields relevant to all investment position types.
InvestmentPositionListInvestment position list class.
InvestmentSellInvestment sell transaction class.
InvestmentStatementEndRequestClosing statement request class.
InvestmentStatementEndResponseClosing statement response class.
InvestmentStatementEndTransactionRequestInvestment closing statement transaction request class.
InvestmentStatementEndTransactionResponseInvestment closing statement transaction response class.
InvestmentStatementRequestInvestment statement request class.
InvestmentStatementResponseInvestment statement response class.
InvestmentStatementTransactionRequestInvestment statement transaction request class
InvestmentStatementTransactionResponseInvestment statement transaction response class.
InvestmentTransactionThis class contains fields common to many of the investment transactions.
InvestmentTransactionListInvestment transaction list class.
JournalFundJournaling cash holdings between sub-accounts within the same investment account.
JournalSecurityJournaling security holdings between subaccounts within the same investment account.
LoanInfoLoans outstanding against the account
MarginInterestInvestment margin interest class.
MatchInfoThis class contains employer match information.
OpenOrderBuyDebtOpen order buy debt class.
OpenOrderBuyMutualFundOpen order buy mutual fund class.
OpenOrderBuyOptionOpen order buy option class.
OpenOrderBuyOtherOpen order buy other class.
OpenOrderBuyStockOpen order buy stock class.
OpenOrderSellDebtOpen order sell debt class.
OpenOrderSellMutualFundOpen order sell mutual fund class.
OpenOrderSellOptionOpen order sell option class.
OpenOrderSellOtherOpen order sell other class.
OpenOrderSellStockOpen order sell stock class.
OpenOrderSwitchMutualFundOpen order switch mutual fund class.
PeriodToDateThe contributions to date for period.
PositionDebtInvestment position debt class.
PositionMutualFundInvestment position debt class.
PositionOptionInvestment position option class.
PositionOtherInvestment position other class.
PositionStockInvestment position stock class.
ReinvestReinvestment of income class.
ReturnOfCapitalReturn of capital class.
SellDebtInvestment sell debt class.
SellMutualFundInvestment sell mutual fund class.
SellOptionInvestment sell option class.
SellOtherInvestment sell other type of security class.
SellStockInvestment sell stock class.
SplitInvestment stock or mutual fund split class.
TransferInvestment transfer class.
VestInfoVest change dates. Provides the vesting percentage as of any particular past, current, or future date.
Withdrawals401(k) withdrawals class, this includes loan withdrawals.
YearToDateContributions to date for this calendar year.


BuyEnumBuy type enum.
ContributionPctTypeEnumContribution pecent type enum.
ContributionTypeEnumContribution allocation type.
DurationEnumDuration enum.
InOutEnumTransfer action type enum.
IncomeEnumInvestment income type enum.
OptionActionEnumOption action type enum.
OptionBuyEnumOption buy type enum.
OptionSellEnumOption sell enum.
PositionTypeEnumPosition type enum.
RelatedEnumRelated option transaction type enum.
RestrictionEnumRestriction enum.
SecuredEnumSecured type enum.
SellReasonEnumSell reason enum.
SellTypeEnumSell type enum.
SubAccountEnumSub account type enum.
UnitTypeEnumUnit type enum.