AbstractTax1098Abstract base class of tax form 1098 classes.
BorrowerAddressBorrower address class.
FilerAddressFiler address class.
LenderAddressLender address class.
StudentAddressStudent address class.
Tax1098E_V100Tax 1098E V100 form class, student loan interest Statement.
Tax1098RequestTax 1098 request class. This requests all 1098 tax forms from the server.
Tax1098ResponseTax 1098 response class.
Tax1098T_V100Tax 1098T V100 form class, tuition statement.
Tax1098TransactionRequestTax 1098 transaction request class.
Tax1098TransactionResponseTax 1098 transaction response class.
Tax1098_V100Tax 1098 V100 form class, mortgage interest statement.