Class FontDefinition

FontDefinition class

Represents Font file set definition. This class contains fields which are not related to font internal data. These fields describe font placement and another data needed to load font from some font source(file, memory, etc).

public class FontDefinition


FontDefinition(FontType, FontFileDefinition)Creates single-file Font definition.
FontDefinition(FontType, FontFileDefinition[])Creates multi-file Font definition.
FontDefinition(FontType, StreamSource)Creates single-file Font definition.
FontDefinition(FontType, string, StreamSource)Creates single-file Font definition.
FontDefinition(string, FontType, FontFileDefinition)Creates single-file Font definition.
FontDefinition(MultiLanguageString, MultiLanguageString, FontType, FontFileDefinition)Creates multi-file Font definition.
FontDefinition(MultiLanguageString, MultiLanguageString, FontType, FontFileDefinition[])Creates multi-file Font definition.
FontDefinition(string, FontType, string, StreamSource)Creates single-file Font definition.
FontDefinition(string, string, FontType, FontFileDefinition)Creates single-file Font definition.
FontDefinition(string, string, FontType, FontFileDefinition[])Creates multi-file Font definition.


FileDefinitions { get; }Gets file definitions collection.
virtual FontName { get; }Returns Font name.
virtual FontNames { get; }Gets Font names as a MultiLanguageString.
FontType { get; }Gets Font type.
virtual PostscriptName { get; }Gets postscript Font name.
PostscriptNames { get; }Gets postscript Font names as a MultiLanguageString.


static Open(StreamSource, FontType)Returns FontDefinition for font stream source and font type.
static Open(string, FontType)Returns FontDefinition for font file and font type.

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