Class LicenseFlags

LicenseFlags class

Represents a helper wrapper for an embedding flags from ‘OS/2’ table (field fsType).

public class LicenseFlags


FSType { get; }Gets raw fsType value from OS/2 table or 0 if this field doesn’t exist in the table.
FSTypeAbsent { get; }Returns true if fsType flag is absent in ‘OS/2’ table.
IsBitmapOnlyEmbedding { get; }Detects whether fsType permits BitmapOnly embedding.
IsEditableEmbedding { get; }Detects whether fsType permits Editable embedding.
IsInstallableEmbedding { get; }Detects whether fsType is Installable embedding.
IsNoSubsettingEmbedding { get; }Detects whether fsType permits NoSubsetting embedding.
IsPreviewAndPrintEmbedding { get; }Detects whether fsType permits Preview and Print embedding.
IsReservedType { get; }Detects whether reserved bit(bit 0) is set for fsType.
IsRestrictedLicenseEmbedding { get; }Detects whether fsType is Restricted License embedding.

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