TtfNameTable.AddName method

Adds entry into the table. String data category to add is specified by name parameter.

public void AddName(NameId nameId, PlatformId platformId, int platformSpecificId, int languageId, 
    string name)
nameIdNameIdName identifier, logical string category, specified by NameId enumeration
platformIdPlatformIdPlatform identifier
platformSpecificIdInt32Platform-specific encoding identifier. Please, use value from one of such enumerations - UnicodePlatformSpecificId, MacPlatformSpecificId, MSPlatformSpecificId. What enumeration to use is defined by context (platformId parameter)
languageIdInt32Language identifier. Please, use value from MSLanguageId or MacLanguageId enumerations depend from context, defined by platformId parameter.
nameStringActual string data

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