The Aspose.Font namespace provides classes describing common Aspose.Font objects.


BuildVersionInfoProvides information about the current product name and version.
FontRepresents base Font class.
FontBBoxRepresents Font bounding box (BBox).
FontEnvironmentProvides information about the current environment and platform.
FontFactoryContains functionality for opening fonts of different types and other methods for creating various objects.
FontMetricsRepresents Font metrics.
LicenseProvides methods to license the component.
MeteredProvides methods to set metered key.
MultiLanguageStringRepresents multi language string.
NameToCodeMapRepresents name to code map.
TransformationMatrixRepresents 3x3 transformation matrix | A B 0 | | C D 0 | | TX TY 1 |. Transforms coordinates in the following way: x1 = Ax + Cy + TX; y1 = Bx + Dy + TY.


IEncodingParametersCommon interface to support encoding parameters. Some Font types can have multiple encoding algorithms/maps. So, this interface should be used to create concrete font encoding parameters.
IFontDeclares common functionality for all font formats. Implemented by Font classes.
IFontEncodingDefines an interface for Font encoding.
IFontMetricsDefines an interface for Font metrics tools.
IFontSaverDefines an interface for Font save functionality.
ISupportsNameAddressingDefines members that are specific to encodings that support glyph name addressing.


FontSavingFormatsSpecifies Font type.
FontStyleSpecifies Font style.
FontTypeSpecifies Font type.