Class FontMetrics

FontMetrics class

Represents Font metrics.

public abstract class FontMetrics : IFontMetrics


virtual Ascender { get; set; }Gets Ascender value.
virtual Descender { get; set; }Gets Descender value.
virtual FontBBox { get; }Gets FontBBox value.
virtual FontMatrix { get; }Gets FontMatrix value.
IsFixedPitch { get; }Gets IsFixedPitch value.
virtual LineGap { get; }Gets LineGap value.
virtual TypoAscender { get; set; }Gets TypoAscender value.
virtual TypoDescender { get; set; }Gets TypoDescender value.
virtual TypoLineGap { get; }Gets TypoLineGap value.
virtual UnitsPerEM { get; set; }Gets UnitsPerEM value.


virtual GetAscender(double)Returns ascender for specific Font size.
virtual GetDescender(double)Returns descender for specific Font size.
virtual GetGlyphBBox(GlyphId)Returns glyph BBox. Returns FontBBox if BBox was not defined for the glyph. May be overridden by specific font encoding inheritors.
virtual GetGlyphWidth(GlyphId)Returns glyph width. May be overridden by specific font encoding inheritors.
virtual GetKerningValue(GlyphId, GlyphId)Returns kerning value for the glyph pair.
virtual GetTypoAscender(double)Returns descender for specific Font size.
virtual GetTypoDescender(double)Returns descender for specific Font size.
virtual GetTypoLineGap(double)Returns line gap for specific Font size.
abstract MeasureString(string, double)Measures string and returns string width.

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